1960’s Teico Guitar

I literally rescued this Teico guitar from a barn. Teico stands for Tokyo Electric Instrument COmpany, which was a Japanese company that built guitars in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Unlike most guitar manufacturers, Teico made guitars with spare parts that they could get at good prices, so there are no model lines, and most guitars are completely unique (depending on the mix of parts they had on hand at the time). There are no serial number markings on this one, and no database to check if there were, but based on my investigation, this one was probably made in the mid 1960’s, since I have seen similarly shaped models for sale dated from about that time.

Teico instruments were cheap to begin with, and have very little collectable value. So I didn’t have to worry about modifying or destroying a collectable piece of history. I decided to fix this one up and get it working again, no small task since the paint was damaged in countless places, and the neck was snapped almost in two!

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