Analog Bandwidth Widget

This widget displays system network usage in a retro, analog format. It has two themes, aluminum and bakalite, and brass and wood (shown). The current network usage is shown as two dials. The network history is shown on a rotating drum, and the total downloads and uploads are shown on…

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Check Out My Package!

This widget displays the tracking information for packages or letters mailed via UPS, Fedex, or USPS. It tells you the current location and status, and has allows you to quickly load the full tracking website from the corresponding shipper. Currently looking for beta testers. Please e-mail me if you would…

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This gallery contains 14 photos.

I built my first Pumpkin (Jeffry the Uncomfortably Anthropomorphic Pumpkin) in 2011. After showing him off, I started an annual tradition of hosting a “Pumpkin Party” every fall for friends. The gallery below shows some of our works. Materials include: Foam/plastic pumpkins Modeling clay Doll/teddy bear eyes Vampire teeth Denture…

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